Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Real Life Cities 7: Munich

The Germans are coming! Second Life is hot in Germany, where it currently sees the fastest growth in registrations. This also reflects on the arrival of a of new german builds. The great city of Munich is such a new sim under construction.

It still is under construction, but already interesting enough to blog it, although the first sight didn't trigger that idea. The first thing I saw was a stand with the well-known German beer pot.
The sim is covered with a simplified map of Real Life Munich and it seems to be the intend to build an exact copy.
In the second sim work is actually being done. Rough outlines of the buildings are quite decently build and also the texturing is coming along on various buildings as well. This will sure be a sim to visit when it is complete.
The detail and complexity of this build will be challenging and the possible showstopper in this build will be the time needed to stream all textures to the SL client.
Developments can be monitored at the website Muenchen-SecondLife.

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Anonymous Stefan WeiƟ said...

Good point about the texture lag issue. After the first buildings we changed the strategy from low-prim/high-texture to mid-prim/low-texture in order to keep performance even on old notebooks acceptable. But in the end it is an uphill battle. I hope it works for us.

Stefan (Lislo Mensing, MunichSL owner)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 1:17:00 PM  

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