Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Virtual Banking (9): Suruga Bank

The Suntory sim I just peeked at was merely a pitstop on my way to the Suruga Bank.
This Japanese bank was spotted and blogged by Aleister Kronos a little while back.

Suruga is a regional bank, based in the Shizuoka Prefecture and has the following divisions: Banking Operations and Other. Banking Operations division deals in deposits, loans, domestic exchange, foreign exchange, related services. Other Operations division deals with help supply services, printing, leasing, guaranty, consulting, systems development, credit cards.

The sim is quite original, as it is pitch-dark. There's no sandy beach, just a starry underground above which the spaceship Suruga hovers, build by D-Labo.

After flying around a bit inside the spacecraft I came to the captain's quarters (at least I think they were), which looked very contemporary. It gave me a little "Star Trek" feeling where the captains always collected historic goodies from the 20th century.

This part of the ship contains a library, an information point and lockers...
After blogging 8 banks in Second Life, this is the first to show signs of being an actual bank.

As far as the build is concerned, it is a good build, a good design. As to content, I cannot really judge since my Japanese is a littly rusty.


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Blogger Aleister Kronos said...

If you check out the D-labo website you will find a lot of pictures taken in RL of the objects you see in SL. I think it's promoting the bank's move into Tokyo Midtown - the tallest skyscraper in Tokyo.

Thursday, June 21, 2007 12:17:00 AM  

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