Thursday, August 09, 2007

Passion 4 Fashion

Don't worry, I won't start blogging Fashion in Second Life... There's a ton of good, bad and ugly blogs about fashion in Second Life.

..unless it has some RL impact of course. Summertime now, time for some mediterranean moods while I drink a nice chilled Sangria it's time to head back to Bershka for some snapshots of the finished build of this Spanish house of Fasion.

Next stop on the mediterranean tour is the rumours of Armani coming to SL, supposedly at this island. If it's true, they will have to compete with several 'impostors' as there are many Armani, Emporio and other related groups and shops in Second Life.
According to KZero this rumour seems to be part of a bigger strategy:
"The SL launch is being tied into a wider strategy to implement e-commerce solutions across the Armani brand range."

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