Thursday, September 06, 2007

HBO buys rights to Second Life machinima

The Dutch producer Submarine sold the television rights of the documentary 'Molotov's Dispatches in Search of the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey' to the US based HBO group. According to a spokesman of Submarine HBO is paying a 6 figure sum for the documentary and is planning for Oscar nomination for best short animation movie.

The documentary is cut into 10 short episodes and will be televised in the Netherlands by the VPRO sometime in 2008.

What's Molotov's about?

In January 2007, a man named Molotov Alva disappeared from his California home. Recently, a series of seven video dispatches by a Traveler of the same name have appeared inside Second Life. In these dispatches Molotov Alva encounters everything from Furries to Cyberpunks to Neo-Luddites to Sex Slaves to the King of the Hobos, Orhalla Zander, who becomes Molotov's guide as he searches for the creator of their brave new world.

Video link to the first episode. Link to documentary project home page, and more on Molotov's "first" life here.

The Submarine press release: (both Dutch and English)

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Anonymous Dobre Vanbrugh said...

Interesting to see how a creative product made in Second Life (wasnt that the platform everybody declared dead recently) now 'moved' into the 'First World' and perhaps straight to Mr Oscar. However, I am wondering if that 6figure sum goes to the director or to Submarine? Cause Douglas Gayeton is main producer, so i guess the first. But in any way, a very exciting project and hear hear to both the director and my Dutch collegues!

Thursday, September 06, 2007 10:50:00 AM  

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