Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Future of Gaming

The first keynote of todays NGI convention on Serious Gaming was given by Marc Overmars, not the soccerplayer, but a professor at the University of Utrecht. Here are my notes:

The future of gaming

First computergame: 1958 brookhave national laborotory: tennis for two.

Development from 1958 to Wii :

  • Better graphics

  • Computer opponents (AI)

  • Storyline (gaining experience, buying better equipment)

  • Internet Play (no hotseat)

  • Interface (1st interface very simple, then lots of settings and now back to simple controls).

Platforms :

  • Consoles

  • PC

  • Handhelds

  • Mobile Phones


When we talk about games we talk about a variety of games. It is not only hardcore shooters.

  • Puzzle

  • Sports

  • Strategy

  • Shooters

  • Etc.

NL Most popular games 2006:

Most popular games in the netherlands are relatively innocent games, only GTA could be considered as agressive.

  1. Braintrain (Nintendo)

  2. Fifa 2007

  3. New Super Mario Bros

  4. Grand Theft Auto

  5. FIFA Street.


  • Average age 33, and growing older.

  • 48% female

  • Gaming is a social activity (like in the old days)

Gaming Industry

  • Revenues: 30 billion a year.

  • Making a good game: 10 million +

  • 20 – 100 developers per game.

Serious Games:

  • Education

  • Training and Simulation

  • Decision Making

  • Marketing

  • Arts & Culture

  • User Interface

Why use games:

  • Motivating
    o Storyline
    o Challenges
    o Rewards

  • Adaptiveness
    o Reduction of frustration
    o FLOW

  • Direct Feedback on decisions
    o Better cognitive learning process

  • Always and Everywhere
    o Use of lost hours
    o Use at home
    o More time available for learning

Ingredients of a good game:

  • Storyline
    o Global motivation
    o Suspense or disbelief

  • Gameplay
    o Rules, rewards, challenges
    o Lasting interest

  • Simulation
    o Feedback on decisions
    o Not necessarily realisticE.G. Learning to drive: necessity to watch the rearview mirror, play a shooting game where every assassin comes from behind, learn to watch your back…

  • Social Interaction

In a good game these ingredients are well balanced.

Fields of application :

  • Training use of tools
    - Flightsimulation
    - Driving simulation
    - Simendo (medical)

  • Training procedures

  • Training facts and skills

  • Stimulate behaviour (Remission, Glucoboy)

  • Gaining insight in processes (Social, communication, businessprocesses)

  • Distraction (Pain reduction, Snow World etc)

  • Keep in touch (patients, elderly)

  • Marketing (e.g. America’s Army)

  • Etcetera

Making a serious game:

  • Don’t think you can design off hand, use professionals

  • It takes a lot of money

  • Think about implementation process

  • Train the trainers

  • Evaluate

The better the graphics, the more attention you pay to realistic behaviour. You have more freedom to act outside the storyline, but then the world doesn’t act the way it should anymore. (E.G. Destroy a complete shop in Oblivion and there’s no reaction from the shopkeeper, steal a feather and you will get arrested.)


  • World Interaction

  • Adaptive Gameplay

  • Physical Interaction

  • Brain – Machine interaction

  • Location Based Gaming (GIS, GPS) – Frequentie 1550, Triangler (TNO, mobile gaming award 2006)

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Blogger TheHighFive said...

I don't see how a very general HISTORY of gaming has anything to do with the future of gaming. change your title. read MY blog which is ACTUALLY about the future of gaming.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 10:16:00 PM  
Blogger VeeJay Burns said...

Well, I'm not going to change the title of this entry. You're right to note that there's a bit of General history of gaming in there.

The problem with just publishing notes is that it's hard to show the shift and the presentation behind the slides.

In this part of general history Overmars identified the important ingredients of gaming, then went on to how it could be applied in serious business.

If you can read Dutch I could point out a few blogs that do have a more descriptive story on this presentation.

Thursday, December 13, 2007 10:15:00 AM  

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