Sunday, January 27, 2008

Heroes of Might & Magic Kingdoms

Since the late 90's I've been more or less addicted to playing Heroes of Might and Magic, one of the most succesful roleplaying games ever. Over the years it has drawn thousands of players to this genre. Now Ubisoft is finally taking HOMM to the online realms: Heroes of Might & Magic Kingdoms is expected in the first half of 2008, Here's the official preview from YouTube:

When looking at the preview I wasn't really impressed. What is primarily shows is cut out artist impressions, not the actual 3D thing. So to make up, a couple of movies on the last Heroes of Might & Magic game: HOMM V:

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Blogger Digado said...

I loved HOMM2, played 3 a lot but lost a little bit of its magic there for me, mostly for 'nostalgic reasons' as I never played 3 over a LAN the way we did with HOMM2. Did not play homm4 much and homm5 is about the only game I ever bought legally and loved it mostly because of the sp campaigns.

I was pretty enthusiastic about the homm trailer & website combined, as I think they will bring the game into direct online play trough a Trivian sort of system (2.5Dish). Never was much of a fan of these netgames, but if thats what they are going for I'm certainly going to give it a shot.

Sunday, January 27, 2008 2:05:00 PM  

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