Monday, October 06, 2008

I'm loving it: McWorld

Early august the news (which I missed) aired that fastfood supplier McDonald's is revamping their website into a Virtual World. On August 4 Virtual Worlds News wrote:
"McDonald's is apparently in the process of soft-launching a virtual world to take over It's not clear how old the world is, but the contest is still open for kids to pick the virtual world's name--and, according to the intro video, new games, lands, events, etc., to build the world from the ground up based on videos.. So I'm guessing the transition is pretty new, possibly even just from last week. There is already an eye toward real-world integration: entering a code from actual Happy Meal boxes and bags as well as McDonald's milk cartons and Apple Dipper bags will let users unlock exclusive items in the Flash-based virtual world."

Today, a two months later this particular contest has closed and now it's official: Surprisingly enough the winning name is: McWorld. McWorld itself is definately a kids world, aimed at youngsters and provides a whole range of simple games (much more simple than even those of Club Pinguin). I'm clearly over age in this environment, so I won't say I'm loving it. Anyone has kids to testdrive this world?

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