Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Linden Lab writes out 10K innovation contest

Linden Lab are offering $10K for projects that improve real life through virtual world.

Linden Lab, the company that runs Second Life, just announced that they are launching a $10,000 (USD) "Linden Prize" for "an innovative inworld project that improves the way people work, learn and communicate in their daily lives outside of the virtual world." The criteria include:

  • Work in Second Life that also achieves tangible, compelling results outside of Second Life.
  • Distinctive, original work using Second Life that clearly demonstrates high quality, execution, function, aesthetics and technical sophistication.
  • Work that has the capacity for inspiring and influencing future development, knowledge, creativity, and collaboration both inside and outside of Second Life.

The price money offered is a substantial increase from previous initiatives (which in my opinion have been nothing but shameless crowdmining projects), including USC's "Public Good" challenge that offered $1,200 to three winning projects and the Foundation for Rich Content which has been providing small grants of $80 for projects that enhance Second Life in some way.

However, with 10K in the offering, I doubt it will be enough to attract larger real life businesses to compete and in the passing make a difference. For individual entrepeneurs and Metaverse evangelists, this might be a daring opportunity though.

Entries for this innovation contest are due January 19. See the Linden Prize site for further details.

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Blogger River said...

Linden Labs are simply asking the users to create their income pathway for the future. They have no direction so are tasking you and I to give them and their business a sense of purpose that will create their income stream for themselves.

They feel we are sufficiently gullible to tell them how to turn their product into the big money. After all, many many contents creators, realtors, party organizers, builders, bankers and inventors have been turning their little business’s into real dollars for the last few years, and because Lindens don’t tax those sales, they have been missing out on the income.

Now, they have no clue how to grow their business, so they turn to their hard suffering residents, and as a joke, offer squillions on linden bucks as a meaningless carrot. Where is it going to be spent, with land prices tumbling as islands are getting turned off by the dozen per day, and a falling Linden Dollar Value to the USD. The winner will take weeks cashing out their winning, as the transaction limit will preclude it, and the value of the Linden Buck will follow its own market trend of collapsing. The Lindens will, however tax that conversion to USD thus ensuring your prize, is not quite as rosy it seems. It’s not a paradox, it’s more a last ditch desperate attempt to gain credulity.

We have been suggesting good things to do in SL for years and they have hardly ever listened to us, now we are leaving in drove for Open Life Grids and other sims, they are asking "What can we do"? It’s too little, too late.

I see the only way for Linden labs to survive is to meet other real world challenges head on for once, and instead of adding more gizmo's and gadgets.

River Ely

Rivers Blog: -

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 11:15:00 AM  

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