Monday, February 09, 2009

9 yo programmes iPhone

It doesn't take rocketscience to programm for the iPhone. Almost everyone can do this, so it seems. One of the latest hypes in the Appstore is a neat little programme called "Doodle Kids", which is an application written by Lim Ding Wen, a nine year old from Singapore.

Doodle Kids is a neat little application which lets you (or your kids) fingerpaint on your iPhone. Ding Wen programmed it for his sisters, who like painting. Ding Wen has been inspired by his father Thye Chaen, who is also a programmer and blogger. On his blog Chean writes:

The goal of Virtual GS is to bring back the fun and excitement of Apple IIGS programming for all the young children, especially my son Ding Wen.

Well, it worked. On the blog you'll find a short article on the Doodle Kids programme and the code.

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