Monday, January 18, 2010

LotusSphere 2010: Business Development Day

I woke up surprisingly fit this morning and had breakfast with the gang; Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Here's me with Minnie.

LotusSphere 2010,Orlando,Florida,IBM,Walt Disney World.

I'm not really happy that IBM already programmed a lot of sessions on Sunday, but alas, duty calls. After an informal chat with the Sr. VP of Social Software at IBM, Jeff Schick we went into the first presentation in which Jeff gave a sneak preview of what was to come.

Also on stage in the same meeting was John Newton of Alfresco, the unchallenged champion of lightweight open source Content Management Systems announcing integration with Lotus Connections.

First to kick off the Sogeti spotlights this week was our group CIO Didier Coffin who gave a brief overview of our TeamPark project.

LotusSphere 2010,Orlando,Florida,IBM,Walt Disney World

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Monday, January 21, 2008

jSLplus: Joomla SL mashup community builder

jSLplus is community-software that offers a mashup between the new Joomla 1.5 framework, and Secondlife scripted objects. Its goal is to offer a rich communication environment, where secondlife-users can authenticate, register, send messages, send objects, blogs, postcards, etc. to the website's interface. From the Joomla perspective, a user will get a much better insight on a secondlife community, by bundling information into profiles, events, items (object distribution system), simulators (allow basic communication between linden lab's grid, and opensim), etc.

The current status is pre-alpha, but afirst alpha-release is coming soon now. It's been developed by Jeroen van Veen, but could use some extra hands.

Read more on the Joomla SL project.

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