Thursday, April 12, 2007


A warm welcome to two friends of mine, Aleister Kronos, a notorious bloggernaut from the UK. Aleister spends his inworld time as a traveller and is usually one of the first people to spot new company sims. To avoid copy pasting from his blog in this dog-eat-dog world of exposure, it is nice to have him on board to share his views with us.

And secondly a warm welcome Lordfly Digeridoo, a long time resident of Second Life.

Aside from being a student (Majoring in Sim City and Minoring in Google Earth) he is a very prolific contractor for Millions of Us, having done over 70 large projects such as Nova Albion, Toyota Scion City and many many more. Because of his widespread presence in SL it's best to have him on board as well and receive first hand insights on some builds.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

SL gives you a warm welcome

When I joined Second Life somewhere in 2006 there was a basic introduction island - a tutorial. After you'd mastered the basics of SL (walking, flying, teleportation and changing your appearance) you were set loose in the wild wild world. At that time the point of entry was the sim called Luna, just south of the urban sims Grigano, Barcola and Sistiana (collectively known as Nova Albion).

Nowadays there's a new version of baby-island and probably a new 'drop-zone', but Luna wasn't the first drop-zone. Before Luna there was Ahern and the adjacent sims. They can easily be spotted, east of Nova Albion on the mainland. On the map a large X on the border of 4 sims marks the old point of entry. This point of entry reminds me somewhat of the London Market Gardens. Ahern is beyond the meet and greet now and has degraded to a pick-up zone and looney-showcase. If you avoid the looney days, SL might just give you a warm welcome here.

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