Monday, April 30, 2007

Adidas awareness

I'm just realising I left out an important blogpost. I've blogged Reebok and BBH earlier this month, but forgot to blog their neighbour, Adidas. I visited the sim, took a few snapshots but completely forgot to post it. There are two plausible explanations for this omission
  1. It was way past bedtime when I blogged Reebok and BBH
  2. The Adidas sim was just not good enough to be blogged.

Well, to be honest, I wasn't very enthausiastic about it. It was pretty much the same as Reebok, a shop with some shoes and nothing much of a so desired experience. When I think of Adidas I think of Steffi Graff sweating on Roland Garros or some other sporty event...

The reason I've added this post now is because there is something funny about Adidas. KZero blogged about brand perception in SL, based upon a research done by Reperes, a french market research agency (the one from the desing competition). The most remarkable result is that Adidas has scored highest with a 69% brand awareness.

Anyway, Adidas was brought to SL by the inevitable Rivers Run Red. However, it could be a German build as it is almost as white as the BMW and Toca Me designs.


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Monday, April 16, 2007


Earlier today I posted a blogentry about the Mediacorp BBH and noted that their design had much of the same coloring as the Reebok sims. I just realised I haven't blogged my Reebok visit yet.
As I said it the BBH blog, there's a distinct resemblance. Rivers Run Red surely ran dry on creativity for a while and stuck to a certain type of build with severals sims.
As for Reebok, international manufacturer of sportswear, the concept is rather boring: Let's create a shop to sell our stuff. C'mon! Sports is an adventure, you've got to live live to the max! If I want to buy a Reebok, I'll go to the store and see which shoe fits me. In an immersive world, you've gotta convince me why Reebok is my brand
(err... due to my professional occupation I'd probably stick to handcrafted Dutch Van Bommel shoes anyway)
Aside from the Reebok shop with traditional shoestands the sim has one distinct feature though: The Reebok store is set up in a downtown area, a heavy urban built sim at first glance. Yet the buildings are kinda twisted. A nice non-RL-conformative detail ;)

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Rivers Run Red

Rivers Run Red was the world's first agency to establish a working presence within a virtual world. RRR has been active in Second Life since 2003. In meatspace the company has offices in London and San Fran.

Projects include Vodafone, Philips, ING, Reebok, Adidas, Calvin Klein (CKin2U), Heineken, BBC, Channel 4, Penguin, Duran Duran and Radio 538. It's surprising to see how many Dutch client the company has. Since 2007 the RRR faces serious competition with new native Dutch virtual builders such as [lost in the] Magic Forest, Damanicorp and SLionhead.

Aside from their corporate website RRR runs the Space Think Dream thingy as an extra outlet of their works.

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