Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vote Now To Increase The Group Limit

Originally posted at Slambling, and reposted here by request:

As pointed out by New World Notes, Second Life bloggers are being asked to do their bit in raising a "fix" with Linden Lab to raise or remove the somewhat arbitrary group membership limit of 25. If you are not familiar with this, as a Second Life resident you can belong to a number of groups. And that number is 25. Most long-term residents will tell you that this is simply not enough. Some get around it by creating alternative avatar accounts ("alts"), others muddle through by deleting less important ones.

Second Life is fundamentally a social networking environment, in which groups play an important role. They allow you to share and participate in information and activities with residents who share the same interests. They provide a communication channel for the dissemination of information to communities, and they act as part of the security and access control system of Second Life. Limiting your choice to a mere 25 of these - and believe me, you can reach that limit very quickly - is preventing effective community and is not in the interests of Second Life or indeed Linden Lab. Facebook users would find this limit laughable, and certainly a disincentive to using Second Life.

If you are a resident and support the premise that this limit should be increased (or better, removed) then please follow this link. You know it makes sense!

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