Saturday, November 03, 2007

Virtual Chatrooms

Yesterday I've posted a first overview of the VW industry with several charts. Although I said it wasn't exact science, I received many comments trough twitter, IM and other media. Thanks for the feedback.

One of the first changes I've made is to add specific categories for 'adult worlds' (with the input I received about 4% of the market) and chats (19%) (no games included)

The chatrooms are both 2D and 3D worlds, many aiming at different agegroups.

  1. BlaBla

  2. CityPixel

  3. Cybertown

  4. Dubit

  5. Faketown

  6. IMVU

  7. Kids com

  8. Mokitown

  9. Moove

  10. TAATU

  11. Towerchat

  12. vSide

  13. WeeWorld

  14. Whyville

This list is up for discussion. I for one am not sure Whyville or vSide are really chatroom focussed. Here some screenshots:

Additions are welcome!

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