Monday, April 16, 2007


BBH (Bartle-Bogle-Hagarty something) was quite early to set up virtual shop. BBH is a media company that does ads for Unilever, Audi, Diageo (e.g. the Johnny Walker keep on Walking campaign) and Vodafone). Their virtual HQ is a spacious design (according to the official story - though when I visited it I was under the impression that this was still under construction)
They have their trademark black sheep image and their beliefs posted for all to see. They've got several conference rooms with tables, and a swanky coffee bar in back. The design is a typical early RRR, barely decorated, lots of white blocks. I think they should stick to the media that works for them, and it's not virtual. The promotional video of this build on the Rivers Run Red site, but I'm not that positive on this build for 2 reasons
  1. The coloring and design is too similar to Reebok
  2. The roofless buildings and other barren elements give you the impression this one still isn't finished.

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