Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Berenschot Bubble Bursts

The Berenschot Group sim can easily be spotted, the island is shapen in the form of a bear's head (not an uggly grizzly, but a kind happy bearhead). I took a shot and TP-ed into a Teleportroom. At first I was kindly surprised by a greeterbot. It's not the real-deal life greeting party, but it's certainly better than entering a cold dark and lonely sim.

Kind surprise made room for normal surprise as I wasn't impressed with the room, then surprise gave way to shock. Hovering over the island I came to the conclusion that Berenschot has done a very bad job at the build. If a company spends nearly 2K on a sim, at least some effort might be expected from the build. The sim is rather empty, a few things dropped here and there, default textures, ah... well, you can see the pictures...

The Berenschot Group is a large, independent management consulting agency with approximately 400 personnel in the Benelux. I wonder how much consulting they've given their own management over this build...
Now I'm probably touching someones feelings, but this build does really remind me of the early days of the internet when big corporate CEO's always had a little nephew who knew something about making websites, ending up with horrible F****page designs because a pro would be to expensive (some of these legacy sites are still online though).
Oh... please forgive me for not remembering where the location is.

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