Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easy as Dell

Second Life needs a whole lot of hardware to run on. Small wonder that computer manufacturers such as Dell establish a presence in SL that goes beyond your regular plot. It's business to be made here, I'd say. Second Life will drive the current server architecture to the limits and will challenge manufacturers to provide more power; in core, in memory, in videocards, in multithreading etcetera.

Dell's presence is spread over various sims, which is a rather good thing, since they have a whole menagerie of different styles. The central welcome area breathes a somewhat French athmosphere with little shops around a circular plaza. Here's where you can get your goodies and can access the teleport platform.

From this platform you're transported by tamponeske shuttlepods to the other parts of the Dell sim. There's the Factory, an Oil-rig style megacomputer invoking thoughts of Sean Connery's entry into Alcatraz through the fan-system in "The Rock" and there's the Business side of life, an Auditorium and a convention center.

It's fun to enter the belly of the beast and notice the fans can't chop off your head, but the sim misses a get-back-soon invitation.


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Blogger LSUAustin said...

Glad to see you came by to visit us Veejay! And, hopefully some new things on the horizon will give you a reason to get back to Dell Island soon. While I admit RL personal bandwidth constraints have made it difficult to add many new things to our SL space since launch, we are currently working to bring Dell's Plant a Tree for Me program in-world in time for Earth Day. Also, work is underway to complete the Dell museum, and add a script for the walk-though computer. Join our Dell Group in SL and I'll be sure you get advance notice of all future events and additions!

Monday, April 16, 2007 4:52:00 PM  

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