Friday, April 13, 2007

Nemesis CC

Nemesis Content Creation enjoys creative collaborations with companies and individuals which enhance Second Life. In the Netherlands they're probably best known for their work on the Amsterdam Arena. They've done a few other things though.

Numbakulla, the Pot Healers Mystery
One of these fine things is the Pot Healers mystery. The Pot Healers mystery has been available as a free-to-play immersive questing game for over a year now. Originally due to close after a few weeks, the players then, and many players since, donated to keep the game open and alive.

Creju, BBC Demo
In early 2006, they developed a sim in six weeks to provide a demonstration of the possibilities of the Second Life platform. Some of the innovations included a "follower pet" by Oclee Hornet which triggered explanations in chat of the surroundings, a trampoline game and bash-the-mole game.

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