Tuesday, April 24, 2007


After I visited the Kelly Services Island, I thought to take a look at the website of Wishfarmers, the builders who did the Kelly gig to see what they're about and what they've done so far. Below is their own introduction...

Wishfarming is an art: The art of re-inventing creativity in a new space called the metaverse. The Wishfarmers offer our proven ability to design and implement groundbreaking solutions for projects in SecondLife and other virtual spaces.

We’re natives, and we’re restless. We know and protect this “new internet” as well as you know your own business. And we denounce works which fail to enrich them both.

If it doesn’t push the envelope, if it doesn’t blow minds, then we won’t do it. That’s a fact.
We’re re-visionaries: If you just want to replicate your product in a 3D medium, we’re probably not for you. But if you know that this isn’t quite like anything else, then together we can re-think, re-design and re-purpose virtual reality to serve a bold new vision.

Wishfarming is our mission: We sow wishes, and grow them in a brave new world.

Aside from the Kelly Services Island I didn't see many business contracts in their portfolio, just a number of events and contest entries. Their style seems explicit though, so they might be recognised easily.

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