Thursday, May 10, 2007

Playboy comes, Linden bans adult content

In this blog I've tried to remain far away from the sleeze and dirt that is part of Second Life as well (as it is in Real Life as well), and stick to describing Real Life companies and Institutions entering Second Life, we're now walking the thin line... as The Second Life Herald heralds the coming of Playboy to Second Life.

Undoubtedly Playboy doesn't like to see itself mentioned in the same sentence as "Sleeze and Dirt", and true enough, their content usually is of a different caliber than some activities that can be found in SL. Since the big tease is Playboy's core business that is their SL strategy as well. Their opening is heralded, yet no specifics on when they will come.

Already it giving rise to speculation. Will it be a manor, will there be virtual bunnies... On the other hand, since Sex is big buniness, the question 3pointD raises is "What took them so long"

Linden to protect the young and innocent

To add a little counterweight, and most bizarre happenstance is that the news of Playboy entering Second Life coincides with the announcement that Linden Labs is taking extra measures to 'protect the young and innocent' from explicit content. The Dutch tech-savy site and a few other sources report that Linbden Labs will ask more identification before allowing residents to move into "adult areas". Also residents are asked to label explicit content in an attempt to create a more decent environment for youngsters. The measures aren't waterproof and will receive both praise and harsh criticism. Once more, Linden Lab hasn't got the answer, but they're trying to work with the criticism they get.

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