Saturday, June 02, 2007

Die Hard 4

Last night saw the opening of Bruce Willis' Die Hard 4 representation in Second Life.
When I got home it was quite late and decided to take a look, but couldn't get in. The sim was filled to the brim with 58 residents present for the opening, so I decided to take a raincheck.

I would expect this build to be done by one of the big content creators, like ESC or MoU, but it's build by the V3 group, who also owns and operates Sillicon Island and were the producers of the International Technology Expo of 2007 event.

The sim has a nice feel to it, set up from a central dome with auditorium and infostands bridges lead to four platforms displaying props and scenes from the movies.

According to Liam Kanno from the V3 group, Bruce Willis was about an hour late for the opening, but hung around for nearly an hour as well to chat with the visitors.


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Blogger Liam said...

Thank you for the post. Though Cisco has nothing to do with this, and neither does Silicon Valley. V3 Group built this sim and the movie sets for Dannyboy Lightfoot of the Picture Production Company based on their direction and concepting. V3 Group owns and operates Silicon Island & Silicon City if thats what you are thinking of.

Sunday, June 03, 2007 7:49:00 PM  

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