Saturday, July 07, 2007

Holland SL: Groningen

My last gig tonight was a party at Groningen Centrum -though I barely stayed long enough to flash a few pictures. Last week I blogged on the content creators Evident building the city of Utrecht, today it is DMA studios that are building Groningen.

Groningen is the capital of the most north-eastern province of the Netherlands (by sheer happenstance named Groningen as well) and has several landmarks, such as the Martini Tower.

This build doesn't really try to put a 'best effort' to real life likeness, so it seems, but focusses on the old Groningen Town hall which now is a neat Disco (which off course is better than Amsterdam's palace being a bordello)
DMA studios is a Groningen based media company that specializes in Streaming Media.

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