Friday, July 06, 2007

A Simple Switch

I ended my last post with the following lines:
"We're closing in on 7-7-7, Earth Day and Eolus is one more climate savvy project trying Second Life as stage. Yesterday I blogged on the Spanish getting climate savvy in SL as well, and today Philips was giving out energy low lamps."

Here's a few more words on Philips. I ran into Sonja Finney -a Philips employee and SL devotee - for the umpteenth time. This time in Groningen (see upcoming post) where she handed out Energy Saving Lightbulbs.
As far as I can tell it isn't an official, but very sympathetic support of the "A Simple Switch" campaign launched by Philips late this week.
Focuspoint of the campaign is the website "a simple switch"

The key message Philips tries to convey is change your lightbulbs to energy saving lamps. On the website you can fill in how many lamps you intend to switch and then it'll show you how much CO2 and other climate-disasters you help reduce.

Well, in 10 minutes Earth Day will start here in the Netherlans, so it's time you act!

As the world will see many Live-Earth concerts scattered around the globe (causing their own climate disasters) there will also be concerts in Second Life as well as live streaming.

More info:

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