Tuesday, March 03, 2009

iPhone dominates mobile web

ArsTechnica published an article on the latest NetStatistics report, which shows that nearly 67% of the mobile web is iPhone generated:

The iPhone's Mobile Safari continued to kick butt and take names in February, though its numbers dropped from January in the face of strong competitors, according to research firm Net Applications. While this firm's data—culled from traffic observed across its "exclusive on-demand network of live stats customers"—differs somewhat from another study we saw in January, the conclusion is still the same: the iPhone still dominates the mobile Web.

According to Net Applications' most recent survey of the mobile browser market, the iPhone OS commands nearly 67 of mobile browsing worldwide. Its closest competitors have yet to break double digits, with Java ME (which collectively represents the stripped-down browsers on most regular phones) leading the pack at 9 percent, Windows Mobile in second place at 6.91 percent, and Symbian and Android following closely with a tie for third at 6.15 percent. The mysterious "Other" category accounts for 2.75 percent. What is perhaps most interesting about February's mobile OS market share numbers, however, is that the iPhone seems to have lost a little ground to the competition.

This corresponds with an article in the Dutch techmagazine Emerce, which featured an article which stated that iPhone users generally use 30 to 40 times more datatraffic than other mobile web users.

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