Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Conenza Corporate Social Networking Pilot

Conenza builds and manages online employee and alumni communities for Global 2000 enterprises. Conenza’s SaaS-based, white label social networking platform includes a growing range of interconnected modules that engage the enterprise and their employees and corporate alumni in relationships that create business development, recruiting, referral, innovation and philanthropic value for both the company and the community members. Today Conenza hosts and manages the official corporate alumni communities for four of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies.

Conenza Launches Corporate Social Networking Pilot Program

Enabling Global 2000 companies to quickly and cost-effectively prove the value of a corporate social network

SEATTLE, WA, (PRWEB) April 7, 2009 - Conenza, a leading provider of corporate social networking solutions for enterprise employee and alumni communities, today announced the launch of a Corporate Social Networking "Quick Start" Pilot Program.

Increasingly, global enterprises are adopting social networking technologies to increase collaboration and improve organizational efficiencies. Workforce communities enable large organizations to bridge geographical and departmental information silos increasing communication and fueling innovation. By breaking down traditional organizational hierarchies, an enterprise community helps a company tap into the knowledge and connections of current and former employees to drive significant business impact.

Read the full press release here

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Building Intelligent Organisations

Last month I've blogged a bit about what the important SOCIAL factors are in creating corporate social networks. Today my colleague Patrick Savalle published a first presentation on the TeamPark approach which is designed to help organisations successfully implement corporate social networks and become more intelligent organisations.

In every organization processes can be identified that do not function optimal in the normal, so called bureaucratic or formal structure.

Finding people or expertise, sharing and leveraging implicit knowledge, exploiting the wisdom of the crowd, using the special talents of people, driving sustainable innovation. Many processes run more efficient and are more effective using the social networks of the organisation.

Many tasks can be accomplished better by organizing people in communities instead of teams. An organization that knows how to use communities, social networks, crowd-sourcing, broadcast communication, self-organization and other ‘2.0’ concepts has an advantage over competitors and offers an appealing working environment.

The Intelligent Organization knows; build it with TeamPark

At the SlideShare presentation you'll also find a transcript to go with the presentation.

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