Saturday, July 07, 2007

Holland SL: Groningen

My last gig tonight was a party at Groningen Centrum -though I barely stayed long enough to flash a few pictures. Last week I blogged on the content creators Evident building the city of Utrecht, today it is DMA studios that are building Groningen.

Groningen is the capital of the most north-eastern province of the Netherlands (by sheer happenstance named Groningen as well) and has several landmarks, such as the Martini Tower.

This build doesn't really try to put a 'best effort' to real life likeness, so it seems, but focusses on the old Groningen Town hall which now is a neat Disco (which off course is better than Amsterdam's palace being a bordello)
DMA studios is a Groningen based media company that specializes in Streaming Media.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dutch Design

Some of my foreign friends are getting tired of all those new Dutch companies entering SL. It appears that the Dutch are early adapters in Second Life. Right now the Netherlands is one of the most represented countries in this virtual world.

Where the earliest of entries for Dutch companies were crafted by overseas agencies like Rivers Run Red or the Electric Sheep Company, more and more businesses have discovered that we have a number of excellent builders in the Netherlands as well

The leading SL builders in the NL are [ Lost in the ] Magic Forest and Damanicorp. DMA is starting to gain momentum as producer of Streaming Media in SL.

[Lost in the] Magic Forest & DMA Studios

Damania by Damanicorp

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Second Life Seminar

Wednesday April 4th the Dutch Media Conference Center, Media Plaza, organised a seminar on Second Life, talking about doing your homework!

Indeed, wednesday, worldwide Second Life patch day!


  • Presentatie door Dr. Frans Feldberg, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Presentatie Bart Bockhoudt, oprichter Dutch Exchange
  • Live streaming video in Second Life door Ivo Krupinski, DMAEen aantal locaties waar (live)streaming video in Second Life plaatsvindt passeren de revue. De DMA-Studio, muziekevenementen, zakelijke bijeenkomsten en een locatie waar onderwijs centraal staat.
  • Presentatie door Damien Simons, [Lost in the] Magic Forest
  • Presentatie door Gertjan Kaaij, Business innovation manager ING
Sogeti was well represented at this event with about 7 employees, leaving the poor lonesome junior of Cap Gemini wondring if he should have looked for a different employer.

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