Monday, January 18, 2010

LotusSphere 2010: Starship Social Enterprise

Early monday morning the LotusSphere 2010 Convention officially kicked off in the grand opening session. General Manager of Lotus Software Bob Piccanio did the introduction, then quit the job as he introduced Alistair Rennie as his successor.

We weren't expecting any kick ass announcements as Jeff Schick had already given a few sneak previews at the Business Development Day session yesterday, so we were all waiting for the big star to open the ball. This time it was William Shatner, or Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.

LotusSphere 2010,Orlando,Florida,IBM,Walt Disney World

His performance drew a lot of laughs as he talked about collaboration in the movie industry. For a pretty extensive live blogging coverage of the OGS (Opening General Session) check out the Collaboration Matters website.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

More Japanese Intelligence

Yesterday I checked out a particular sim in the Japanese cluster, called Intelligence. It belongs to yet another Japanese employment company, residing on the Doda website. I can't tell you much about the company, as there was no English page on the website available.

Wikipedia wasn't much help either, as it only writes:

"Doda (Dogri/Hindi: डोडा) is a town and a notified area committee in Doda district in Jammu & Kashmir of India. Or Job change information site in Japan"

As said, the sim is setup in the busy Japanese cluster, next to the marvellous sims of Mirai and Suntory, and is crafted as a futuristic urban sim, which is strengthened by the skyscrapers from some of the other sims surrounding it. There appear to be two main buildings:

A number of smaller buildings and stands can be found across the sim. Some with information and promotional stuff, some with unknown purpose.

As for the jobs... in the two main buildings there are several signs with avatars depicting jobs and japanese advertisements. Inside the main tower, at the center of the sim, is an information room, which I'll call the 'warp core room' as the central information pillar reminds me somewhat of a Star Trek warpcore.

From inside the main Intelligence Tower, the 'warp core room' you can also teleport up into the tower to a room in which you can experience a job, in this instance a Chinese Language Teacher. You have to look hard though, I needed a little help from a Japanese friend to find the teleport. It's located in the 'warp core room', look for a blue door, click it and answer some questions.


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Saturday, April 14, 2007

To boldly go...

"To boldly go where no man has gone before..." Well thousands have visited the Galaxy sim now.

Galaxy is the base of Test station 3, run by the Federation, a circular space station hovering at an altitude of about 250 m. The nearby sim Aeon houses the offices of Starfleet Command and a 3rd sim, Constellation, is under construction. Many Star Trek fans come here to do role playing.

The Galaxy sims is the largest Star Trek cluster on the grid (sofar), but there are other Trekkies inworld.


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dancing Stormtroopers

The virtual world of Second Life gives people seemingly endless opportunities to have an eternal carnival. Bizar outfits can be observed at almost every street corner. Tons of people do serious roleplaying in sims on the Elfencontinent or the Star Trek sim, but here's an odd one out "the dancing stormtrooper"

When I just finished my virtual shot of whiskey in (arguably) SL's most popular bar, the Blarney Stone in virtual Dublin, I suddenly came across this phenomenon. One should try to picture a full grown actor wearing the heavy metal outfit from the original score and shove him into a warm, crowded pub. On the other hand, try to imagine the stormtroopers dancing the jig in the Empire strikes back...

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