Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Kick Off

It's allways hard to start off with something new...

It is one to have the idea, two to realise it (set up an account, website)... but step three is to add content. What's a good way to start off?

Well, here's the kick-off
I started this blog with several goals in mind. First and foremost it is supposed to be a place where I can drop my ideas and insight about new technologies, such as Second Life, Web 2.0, BI 2.0 and what else is likely to become trendy in the IT world.

Secondly, it's supposed to be a digital archive for various "digital-farts" I'm a very opinionated man with ideas and view on a wide range of subjects. Too varied to try and bring some consistency into, hence I need a dumpsite.

Digital farting is a term I once heard someone use to describe the idea that it seems that nowadays everyone is able to publish the most ludicrous ideas on impulse... seems like a nice term to describe the various trivial notions that will probably pop up on this blog

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